About Us

Anna Vedeneeva is a womenswear brand born in Florence in 2014. The main philosophy of the brand is based on the concept of Slow Fashion with a strong focus on a sustainable production approach and Fashion Mindfulness. The brand's signature pieces are versatile, extremely feminine and promote a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Inner-Beauty-First Manifesto.

No dress will make you feel beautiful if you don't feel beautiful inside first. Relying on external confirmations and trends, looking at others trying to conform, is not the road to discovering your inner beauty.
This is why Anna Vedeneeva is not only a fashion brand but a philosophy. Every piece of the collection reminds you of your uniqueness and it's made to make you feel fierce and self-confident. There is no way to fake self-confidence just by wearing a dress. Moving your focus from the outside world to the inside world, self-discovery is key to understanding the brand philosophy and understanding yourself. The timeless collections are there to set the base for your new style journey. 



Anna is a Russian designer based in Italy. Passionate about fashion since she was a child, she opened Tendresses at the age of 19, a showroom and fashion store in Moscow. Inspired by Italy as the world fashion leading country, she moved to Florence at 22 and graduates at 26 from the Polimoda, the most prestigious fashion Institute in Italy, drawing her first collection during her last year.

Giacomo is an Italian creative director and entrepreneur, looking forward with excitement to start a new entrepreneurship journey with Anna.