A sense of harmony in style.

This spring, I created the TIMELESS collection, which meets the rules of impeccable style, creating every piece, my idea was to make a woman feel well dressed, give her a sense of harmony in style, give her the opportunity to relax and stop wondering: what shall I wear today?

5 outfits and 5 moods:

THE SINLESS : from morning to evening, whether it's an informal meeting at work, a date, lunch with friends or going to the theater, you will be wrapped in weightless silk fabric, romantic and sensual cut, natural mother-of-pearl buttons with a secret message of love.

The outfit of the CASUAL CHIC : just for  any event, in the perfect enjoyment of being. Silk blouse, shirt (perfect cut) and soft, flowing palazzo pants with elastic waist. Everyday chic.

PRINCE: 100% linen royal check suit. A blazer with two buttons and a pleated wrap skirt. In this suit, you will definitely feel concentrated and restrained, but at the same time playful and feminine. In this suit, just like this: "I will do whatever I want, and do it easily."

ELSA, the most elegant jumpsuit in flowing fabric, already embellished with pearl buttons. This is the one in the wardrobe when you need to get together quickly and be impeccably elegant. Add shoes, handbag... and Voila!

And LOLA… This is an evening dress with a laconic and feminine cut, a mystical, smoky lavender hue, the color of deep self-confidence. In this silk dress, come as you are. And most importantly, it's your personality, your depth that comes first!

Which is your favourite one?

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