Anna Vedeneeva Couture

Anna Vedeneeva Couture is a fashion brand and a philosophy. Every piece will remind you of your uniqueness and it's made to make you feel fierce and self-confident.

Be your own MUSE

This collection is my declaration of love to all women.

Dear MUSES, I created these clothes for you all, and this collection will sensually envelop your female body, and caress it with love.

Our products delight a Woman, to let her shamelessly demonstrate her pleasure to the world.

Let them look at you, and admire you, a beloved Woman who breathes, dances, laughs, and lives!

My dear muses, Enjoy the new Muse collection.

All our articles are hand-made in Italy for your unique style.

With love, Anna Vedeneeva


Timeless Collection Film



Dresses for any occasions

About us

Anna Vedeneeva is a womenswear brand born in Florence in 2014. The main
philosophy of the brand is based on the concept of Slow Fashion with a
strong focus on a sustainable production approach and Fashion Mindfulness.

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